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Why Kanda?

Our VR Training allows you to


Train Safely White Biggest 2

Train Safely

Practice high-risk scenarios without facing the actual physical dangers in real life

Reduce Cost White Biggest

Reduce Cost

Minimize investments for physical training facilities and the need for travelling

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Collaborate Now

Join our digital platform with a remote colleague and train together

GWO courses in VR

Together with qualified Training Providers worldwide, Kanda delivers certifiable GWO courses in VR.

Through our Virtual Training Platform trainees can access the GWO courses required in the wind industry on demand and train with an instructor. 

It’s easy to access, highly affordable, certifiable to industrial standards, and has a flexible subscription model.

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How much does it cost? 

We offer our GWO standard courses to Training Providers, OEM's and suppliers in the renewable energy sector on a flexible subscription model. Choose between a monthly or a yearly fee. It's highly affordable and easy to scale according to the demand. 
Monthly fee
per month / per license / per user
Access for 1 month
Train for certification
Yearly fee
per year / per license / per user
Access for 1 year
Train for competences
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Tailor-made training
Unlimited access
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Our Market Leading Partners

The BTT Package

Our latest GWO courses


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Bolt Tightening
Bolt Tightening

Coming soon

Agency Collaborations

Apart from VR GWO Courses, Kanda has lots of experience working with agencies helping create case by case software in VR. 

Recently we had the pleasure of working with GE Vernova. Creating a full turbine training program for GE Vernova's wind turbine. The program helps increase familiarity with the inner workings of the turbine. 

Please reach our to learn more about potential agency collaborations. 


Looking for a Training Provider?

Kanda is partnered with an ever-growing list of qualified Training Providers who deliver our GWO courses 100% remote or as blended learning. 

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Updates and News at Kanda


What's new at Kanda? 


Apple Vision Pro Collaboration 


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Kanda's new BTT Courses

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Wind Expo 2024 -Kanda in Japan

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Kristian Too Andreasen
CEO & Founder
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Lene Thirup
Chief Commercial Officer

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