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Digital simulators are king

We build digital simulations for complex industries in the maritime, wind, and health sectors. We replace outdated learning methods and classroom training with digital training solutions. Easily accessible, highly affordable, and provided by a simple subscription model.

The future of training is digital -  start with our Virtual Training Platform today. 

Collaboration is key

Our Virtual Training Platform allows up to 15 people to collaborate on complex procedures and hands-on training. Multiple sessions and breakout rooms can run simultaneously while the trainees are located in different parts of the world. 

Bring your colleague or the whole team. There is always room for one more in the virtual training environment. 

Refreshing is critical 

Incidents happen when knowledge is front-loaded and people try to remember complex procedures.

With our Virtual Training Platform, you can access the digital simulations and refresh your knowledge and skills as often as you like.

Keep training for better safety - it's all included in the subscription. 

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GWO BTT Package

We have just launched our new Package of BTT Courses. This includes the BTT courses, Electrical, Hydraulic and Mechanical. Bolt tightening coming soon.

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BST Manual Handling Icon
Manual Handling - refresher

Coming soon

BST Working at Heigths Icon
Working at Heights - refresher

Coming soon

BST Fire Awareness Icon
Fire Awareness - refresher

Coming soon

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