Virtual reality unleashes its true potential in the wind industry

DNV has approved the first 100% digital GWO course.
This is a historical landmark, and virtual reality training is expected to disrupt the certification industry in the coming years.

Today the certifications industry model is predominantly to buy a certificate as a one-off or bi-yearly refresher and hope the knowledge will stick. This process often takes days, involves a cumbersome planning process, and expensive travel for the employees.



 Either do not hold a valid GWO training certificate or will need one by 2026


Teaching is mainly based in a classroom, and if you are lucky, you will get a chance to try an expensive physical replica of a wind turbine before traveling back with the certificate.

Subscribing to the GWO standard courses on Kanda’s Training platform will help companies in the wind industry reduce costs, the time spent traveling, and the associated CO2 emissions.

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"Having completed an audit of the GWO Lift User course, we find that the learning objectives can be achieved by using Kanda to at least the same level as a traditional physical set-up" says Søren Hald, DNV Lead Auditor on the certification.

Fully approved by DNV

Kanda is the first company in the world to get a digital GWO course approved to industrial standards.

‘We are disrupting the industry by creating a digital training platform where employees can access and refresh their knowledge and GWO certificates on-demand and on-site”, says Kristian Andreasen, CEO at Kanda.

The fact that virtual simulated training can be certified to the same industry standards as traditional physical simulations is revolutionary.

reach the full potential with vr

The future of certified training will be digital

VR training is not a silver bullet that will completely substitute the need for training in a physical context for all cases.

But from a learning perspective, virtual training has enormous potential as an efficient way for employees to learn at their own pace and repeat the training as many times as necessary. This will reduce the number of incidences and contribute to a more sustainable and safe learning path.

More digital GWO courses to come

For Kanda, the GWO course rollout is a significant achievement, showing virtual reality's true potential in the wind industry.

"I cannot overstate what a significant achievement this is. The GWO certificate will lead to a better and more effective way of training people in the entire wind industry and potentially beyond it" says Kristian Andreasen.

The digital Lift User course is the first of six courses expected to be released this year by Kanda.


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