Our Training Provider Partnership

Kanda collaborates with certified training providers to deliver GWO courses on our digital platform.
You will arrange a session with a qualified instructor where you will get the full training with an issued WINDA certificate after completing the training. After this, you have access to the course on Kanda for an entire year. This allows you to refresh your training as often as you want.


Starting from


Per user, per course, per year
Subscribe to the course
and get connected
with a qualified instructor
from a training provider

  • 12 months access
  • Technical support
  • Qualified instructor
  • WINDA Certificate
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Training for a certificate

Find a training provider and get certified
To get a certificate, you will team up with one of our training provider partners and go through the course with one of their qualified instructors.
Training provider partnership
The Kanda training provider partnership ensures that training providers are informed and trained on using VR and the Kanda platform successfully. We work with partnership members to create a streamlined training experience for the training provider and our mutual customers.
How to get started?
If you are interested in this package, contact us or fill out the form below, and we will facilitate the contact.

relyOn_nutec_noBGRelyOn Nutec VR

Team up with Kanda and RelyOn Nutec

  • one of the leading GWO training providers in Europe
  • fully certified instructors to conduct GWO courses in a digital setting
  • get the WINDA certificate after efficient VR training
  • keep on training for 12 months and update your knowledge

The road to getting certified

Get introduced to a training provider

Already have your certificate?

License only


Per user, per course, per year

Subscribe to the course
license and
handle the
training on your own 

  • 12 months access 
  • Technical support
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Subscribe here to train for competencies

Subscribe to the license
If you already have your WINDA certificate, you can choose to subscribe only to the license. This is relevant if you want to keep your competencies up to date and refresh your knowledge.

What do you get?

This gives you full access to the selected course for one person for an entire year. But does not include an instructor and will not give you a WINDA certificate at completion.
How to get started?
Contact us, and we will help you get started.
Franz Ejskjaer
Franz Ejskjaer
Morten Olesen
Morten Olesen

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