Four steps to success

Onboarding to VR

The Onboarding to VR program is a great opportunity to roll out VR training in your organization. With this program, you will be able to conduct great demos and instruct colleagues on how to perform in VR. 

Get ready to start and scale

The benefits of Virtual Reality training are well-known across industries. It’s easy to access, highly affordable and people can train with a high impact as much as they want. Many incidences can be avoided, and the business case is often apparent no matter which industry you represent. 

But how to get started?
The Onboarding to VR is a unique opportunity to familiarize yourself with training in Virtual Reality. We will prepare you to get started and show you how to scale VR training in your organization. 

Premium onboarding
We will provide a dedicated instructor from our Customer Success Team who will lead you through every step.

Efficient Virtual Training Platform
Get the best VR experience using our Kanda Virtual Training Platform - one of the most innovative solutions.

Invite the team to join
The Onboarding to VR includes 10 licenses to our GWO courses or our own VR tutorials - you can choose freely. 

Khusela Energies

"There was no hassle at all because the Kanda team supported us all the way. I have gained a lot of confidence in VR during the program.

It’s great because you get the, almost, physical touch - the graphics are really good and makes it very easy to familiarize yourself with the procedure. This is definitely an exciting upgrade to training."

Why you should use VR Training


As Training Manager

Save up to 80% of the training cost with a VR solution


As a Technician

No need to travel for training, just put on your headset


As Instructor

Cut down the cost, but train as much as you like with VR


As a Director

Reduce Co2 emissions with virtual training solutions

Four steps to success

Onboarding to VR

1 - 2 hours

Select Headset

Setting a plan for getting the correct hardware and equipment for conducting effective training. 

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1 - 2 hours
1 - 2 hours

Unboxing Headset

Correctly setting up the equipment to function adequately and familiarizing yourself with administrative tools for training. 

oculus setup-4-2
1 - 2 hours
2 - 3 hours

First experience

To familiarize yourself with the training application and being able to complete it fully by yourself. 

2 - 3 hours
2 - 3 hours

Train Others

To make you a Super User in the training content, and setting you up to instruct others in effective training. 

2 - 3 hours

Train away

From this point, you will be a super user in VR training. Of course we will still be here to help you get the best training experience.


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Choose a time below in the calendar and we will give you a personal introduction to the program and VR Training.

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Onboarding to VR

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