The Virtual Training Platform

The Kanda Virtual Training platform enables companies to create complex, real-time, collaborative training simulations on multiple devices. These simulations incorporate hundreds of steps, thousands of interactive 3D models, and millions of configurations to effectively replicate the complexity of real-world scenarios.

Human Centered Technology

Virtual reality bridges the digital and physical worlds, introducing new opportunities for immersive experiences.

We believe that the metaverse — the intersection of digital and physical — offers revolutionary opportunities for engaging and meaningful educational experiences.

VR technology allows you to move around, explore, listen to, and interact with information in ways that presentations and videos could never do.

A Revolution in Training

With a VR headset trainees can learn at home or at their normal office. The multi-user Kanda platform allows them to see, talk, and work together as a team, no matter where in the world they are. This is a revolution in training.

We no longer have to frontload trainees with intense amounts of learning in a short period of time. They can learn what they need to know in an environment that supports exploration and failure, improving long-term knowledge retention. They can review the material at their leisure to refresh their memory, and easily re-certify as needed. For more in-depth information about how spacing lessons out increase long-term learning you can find the research paper here.

Sustainable Training at a low cost

On-site training for heavy industries is both financially and environmentally costly. By replicating training sites in VR, you can reduce the manufacturing and energy costs associated with building, maintaining, and upgrading training equipment.

The VR training developed by Kanda can reduce the environmental impacts of trainee travel, allowing them to learn from the comfort of their homes instead of flying to distant training sites.

Scope 1, 2 and 3 Emissions

Depending on your training set-up and how much you use our platform, we can help you reduce:

Scope 1: Reduce materials needed to produce training units.

Scope 2: No longer heat/cool/electrify your training centers.

Scope 3: Reduce training-related travel to and from the physical sites.

You can use the ICAO calculator to assess your organization’s CO2 emissions associated with training-related air travel.
You can access the calculator here.

We are in the process of certifying the average CO2 emission reduction based on customer case studies. These validated numbers will show the true greenhouse gas savings to support accurate reporting and prevent greenwashing. 

Not everyone has a headset

Multi Device Support

Bridge Ipad 1


Ideal for a quick refresher whenever and wherever you need it.
GreenOculusQuest2 1

Virtual Reality

VR headsets are the most immersive tool, and the preferred method for learning.
Laptop 1


The laptop is still the main tool for many, and naturally you can use this to access our platform.

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