We are a team of dedicated digital enthusiasts,
and we aim to introduce your company to the future

Here at Kanda, we offer a wide range of solutions in Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), data consulting, BIM content, development, and visualization. In other words, we are eager to take your company into the Digital Age – by carefully tailoring the process to your needs. Whether you seek data alignment, 3D models, VR/AR software, or digital visualization, we are with you every step of the way – from idea to reality.

When we deliver your realigned data, your BIM model, your new reality, or your revamped visualization, we meticulously guide you through the product and how the technology works. And of course we happily answer any question or fix any problem you may have before or after delivery.

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What we do


We offer advice and expertise for organizations to optimize their business performance. We turn brilliant ideas into action plans and help you execute them from start to finish. More specifically, we guide your business through the digitalization process via data alignment, project management, and data governance.



In our Development Division, the programmers always stand ready to work on your custom-made Virtual or Augmented Reality, or design any app you may desire. Our primary area of expertise is software with gamification properties related to disciplines such as training, learning, guidance, and demonstration.


We create BIM content for manufacturers. Our process begins with our “data detectives”, who both locate and supply data for the BIM file. Then our technical team takes over and creates the BIM model either on the basis of pre-existing CAD drawings or by utilizing pictures and other visual representations.



We provide your business with an array of visualization options such as immersive 360° videos and interactive 3D laser scanning. These aesthetic features pertain to advertising, entertainment, education, and anywhere else you require the most beautiful and accurate representation of reality.


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