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GWO Slinger Signaller is now complete

Slinger Signaller


Changelog icon GWO Course Updates

GWO Slinger Signaller Preview:

In the final course exercise, which we call Lift Ops, we’ve integrated all aspects of the dynamic exercises in an offshore environment. Here, you can control a real-size crane to configure and lift multiple loads from a vessel to a platform.

Slinger Signaller is out for Preview, meaning all our users will have full access to the course material. We do this because we love your feedback! 

GWO Lift User:

We've gotten a lot of good feedback from our users at the training centers. From that, we've decided to add a few extra features to the lift simulation: 

  • Added emergency stops to controller in simulation tower lift
    - Emergency stops can now be used on the internal and exterior control device, when doing training in the simulation tower. 
  • Added automatic control device in simulation tower lift
    - The exterior control device can now be used in the simulation tower when being in "training mode." Please note that the lift has to be turned on before using this panel.

Changelog icon Update your application

We will push the update this Saturday 30.09, so when you start training again, be prepared for a few minutes of updates. All users will have to update the app and download course content again from the VR set to get the newest version of the training. 


GWO Course Updates & Streamlined Billing Process



Changelog icon GWO Course Updates

GWO Lift User: 

  • We've added the ability to reset each exercise in the Lift User course, making it easier to train larger groups.

  • Based on instructor feedback, we have also updated the simulation of the lift to more realistically align with reality. More specifically, the arrestor device locking mechanism now works, and prevents the lift from descending if activated.

GWO BTT Electrical Preview:

  • We've added a terminal rail to the electrical cabinets to ensure compliance with GWO standards.

GWO Slinger Signaller Preview:

We're making good progress on this course and are excited to share the latest developments with you:

  • You'll now find interactive 2D posters throughout the course covering essential learning topics.

  • We've made several fixes and improvements in the equipment room, including adding a shipping container load with support for spreader beam.

  • To enhance your learning experience on signaling for a crane, we've implemented a mini-game that uses gesture recognition technology to detect hand signals and provide feedback. Additionally, you can use a radio to control our interactive miniature crane and watch it respond in real-time.


Changelog icon Streamlined Billing Process

We've streamlined our billing process, making it easier for our staff to issue licenses directly to your organization. This will allow us to better serve and support you. 

  • We replaced credit card payment with the ability to simply request more licenses online. 

  • This means you will not have to pay upfront for the licenses you use and will simply receive an invoice for the amount you spend instead. 



Slinger Signaller Preview & File Management

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Changelog icon Overall improvements

We are making it easy to get started with using VR simulations for new users.

Tutorial Rooms and Locker Rooms have been enhanced:

  • Interactive Onboarding: In GWO BTT-E and GWO SLS, we’ve added hands-on tutorials for teleportation and button interactions. New trainees will find getting acquainted with the course easier than ever.

  • Safety Upgrade: The Locker Room in GWO BTT-E and GWO SLS now includes high-visibility clothing options. When you equip PPE like high-vis clothing or carabiners, your VR avatar will reflect these choices in real-time.


Changelog icon GWO SLS Preview: Dive into Wind Industry Signalling

We are now launching the GWO Slinger Signaller in Preview for our users to try.
The SLS course is still "work-in-progress" meaning a lot more content will come with the next update release.   

In this course:

  • Insightful Learning: Explore interactive scale models of loads and equipment in the Theory Room. Gain practical knowledge about equipment through hands-on experiences.

  • Realistic Simulation: Try our physics-driven hoisting and rigging simulator in the Equipment Room. Learn equipment inspection and load rigging, with a focus on potential outcomes in case of errors.


Changelog icon File Management made easy

With the File Management system, you can upload your own files, PDFs, and images to the simulations and use them for instructions and learning purposes.  

  • New “Files” Tab: The Kanda web app introduces a dedicated “Files” tab. You can now seamlessly upload, manage, and organize files for your training sessions.

  • Upcoming Integration: We’re working on integrating the “Files” tab with the Kanda app’s menu system. This enhancement will offer an improved file viewing experience.



BTT Electrical and Token System



Changelog icon Overall improvements

As part of this update, we have made some overall improvements to the app:

You can now have sessions in the Classroom

  • The Classroom is a space to meet and present, using the integrated PDF viewer lectern.
  • In the future, some courses may be available as “breakouts” that can be joined from within the Classroom.

Sessions can be locked using a PIN code.

  • This is an easy way to restrict access to a given training session.
  • When creating your session, choose a 4-digit PIN which other participants must enter to join the session.


Changelog icon GWO Lift User

We have made some under-the-hood improvements and minor fixes


Changelog icon GWO BTT Electrical

We are now launching the GWO BTT Electrical in Preview for our users to try.  In this course, the trainee acquires the skills required to carry out basic electrical tasks on a wind installation.

Using interactive and engaging exercises, the trainee will:

  • Learn the basics about electricity such as AC, DC, and Ohm’s Law.
  • Learn about common electrical components.
  • Perform a “lock-out-tag-out” procedure.
  • Perform measurements in electrical cabinets and components.
  • Identify electrical components in a turbine.


Changelog icon Cloud/management dashboard

We are simplifying subscription management by introducing “tokens”.

  • Using tokens, you can quickly purchase a pool of licenses and assign them to users on Kanda’s standard courses
  • This update will provide better support for B2B use cases such as bulk purchasing of licenses