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Onboarding to Offshore Tutorial

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The offshore business will be booming in the coming years. Thousands of people will be needed across the industry to develop, install, and maintain wind farms.

Many of these people have very limited experience with the offshore environment and the physical movements it involves.

Our ambition is to provide a digital experience of what it is like to conduct an offshore visit. We offer an immersive sneak peek into what is really at stake when working at sea.

Just put on a headset, and you will be at sea without even leaving your land-based location. 

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entering the tower and using the lift3
Our Onboarding to Offshore tutorial gives an introduction to the industry and the concept of virtual training.
Kristian Too Andreasen

CEO & Founder



We offer our Onboarding to Offshore tutorial on a flexible subscription model. 
It's highly affordable and easy to scale according to the demand. 
per month / per license / per user
Unlimited access for 1 month
Multiplayer experience
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Kristian Too Andreasen
CEO & Founder
Lene Thirup
Lene Thirup
Chief Commercial Officer

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