Come and join us!

At Kanda we train the people that keep our industrial world running. Every day we extend our Virtual Training Platform with new collaborative training simulations for our customers in the maritime, wind and health sector.

The demand is growing with an unforeseen speed - and we need more talented people from UX designers, 3D artists, developers and Product Owners to join us. Come and take our Virtual Training Platform to the next level.

No dancing skills are required - we'll bring you up to speed in VR...

Working at Kanda

Some days you will find all our 40 'Kandalorians' on deck at our brand new facilities on the Aarhus harbour with an excellent view of the bay and forests.

But most days less people will be present onsite and you will realize that the daily standup will bring in calls from places like Singapore and Silkeborg. This is the core of our "Work from everywhere, anytime" concept.  

Creative atmosphere

Whether onsite or online you will find SCRUM teams of creative, curious and open-minded people, who all have a passion for experimenting and developing new VR solutions for our customers. 

We offer an open, creative and honest atmosphere with opportunities to take responsibility, learn and take on a key role in the company.

Working agile


Full flexibility

At Kanda we believe that you are the best to plan your working schedule and balance your life. Strict requirements and rigid nine-to-five schedules will often end up being obstacles for both efficiency and creativity. 

Being part of Kanda, we want to set your life free and provide you with the opportunity to work from anywhere, any time.

Maybe this could even be your chance to travel abroad and work from an exotic part of the world?

A sense of belonging

Imagine being a part of a cross disciplinary team that develops virtual training for industrial leaders on a global scale. UX designers, 3D artists, developers, PO SCRUM magicians - all empowered with fantastic skills and deep knowledge. Having fun. Being proud. Belonging to a team.

And don’t worry! We are not a boyband with yellow keyhangers. The importance of diversity at all levels is central in our everyday life and understanding of the world.

Belonging together

We have fun outside work too! 

This year we join the biggest on-site game jam in the world. Nordic Game Jam is a full weekend where developers, artists and designers get together to create the best game they possibly can in 48 hours. We pay the tickets for any Kandalorians who wants to go represent and raise the Kanda flag. 


Everything is about you!

Alongside VR training is been recognized as a game changing element in complex industries, Kanda has received a large investment to further expand our Virtual Training Platform and reach clients on a global scale. And yes, we are onboarding more industry leading customers with great success. 

However, at the heart of any successful business are people. You. 

No matter how well the numbers speak, as a company you are only as good as the people you employ. That is why we work so hard to find the best match in all respects and offer you a seat in a thriving company with strong leadership, full flexible work schedule and ongoing career development. 

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