How Getinge made their hospital solutions more accessible through Virtual Reality

Due to the covid-pandemic Getinge needed a way to showcase the Getinge Experince at their physical locations. Kanda create virtual hospital the can deliver same experience from anywhere in the world, and showcase Getinges hospital solutions in a coherent experience.

What they needed

Getinge, a medical technology company, offers a broad range of products and solutions for improving clinical results and optimizing workflows in hospitals and life science institutions. The company operates Experience Centers in the United States, Germany, and Japan, giving prospective customers hands-on interaction with complete suites of Getinge tools and technologies.

The global pandemic limited travel, restricting customers’ opportunities to visit these Centers. How could the company demonstrate how their technologies complement each other to optimize workflows and improve results in intensive care, operating rooms, and sterile reprocessing?


Getinge is a leading global provider of products and systems that contribute to quality enhancement and cost efficiency within healthcare and life sciences. We employ more than 10,000 people, and have operations in 38 countries.

Getinge are committed to meet challenges together with health care providers and be part of improving patients’ lives around the globe, today and in the future. Getinge empowers their customers with knowledge, technology and resources needed to set up the most efficient structures for hospital and life science institutions and save lives with improved clinical results.

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The solution we created

To accommodate this, Kanda worked closely with Getinge’s subject matter experts to develop a virtual hospital experience. Built on the same hands-on experience concept as the Getinge Experience Centers, the Getinge Virtual Hospital uses VR technology that allows customers to see and interact with products in their intended environment.

Getinge Virtual Hospital uses elements that are familiar to anyone who has played video games. Customers can explore freely, navigating around a single room or between rooms. Individual products can be virtually lifted, moved, rotated, and examined, similar to how they would be experienced in person. They can reposition a light, move a ventilator, or interact with patient management software to understand how changes can affect workflows.

Getinge Virtual Hospital shows the full context of each specialty area to provide a realistic setting for Getinge products. It gives customers a comprehensive understanding of how each element of the Getinge offering fits into the hospital environment.

While the pandemic restrictions provided the inspiration for the project, the Getinge Virtual Hospital also offers long-term benefits for any customer who might not otherwise be able to travel to the Getinge Experience Centers. The company can also bring the virtual experience to events, conferences, and training sites, enhancing learning without setting up full rooms on site

Key Results


Showcase Getinge hospital solutions from anywhere in the world, in their true environment


Be at the forefront with the digital evolution 

Virtual Learning

Inform users about products in-app andfacilitate training and learning in a virtual environment 

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