Eastern Pacific Shipping: LNG Bunkering Case

Avoid Incidences and Reduce Co2 Emissions

The Singapore-based shipping company, Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) has over 5000 seafarers operating their growing fleet. With our digital simulator of the entire LNG bunkering procedure, the seafarers can now refresh their knowledge and train the dangerous procedures without traveling.

How the digital simulator works

A seafarer straps on a VR headset from everywhere in the world, and immediately they find themselves on the deck of a virtual EPS ship.

Here they find the LNG pump and all the manifold equipment required for completing the whole LNG bunkering procedure.

In the digital training environment, they meet the instructors and fellow trainees.  They can collaborate with each other to complete the 200 steps and better prepare themselves for the real-life LNG bunkering operation.

They have the opportunity to train dangerous procedures - and if handled incorrectly, they will be able to blow up the entire ship and dramatically end the virtual training session. 

When they have completed the simulation they are prompted with their own data, informing them about their performance. Instructors get access to the data immediately and can evaluate and provide feedback to the trainee. If needed, the trainees can then run the procedure again and increase their performance.

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Eastern Pacific Shipping is a leading shipping company based in Singapore for 30 years. With 5,000 employees working towards establishing a green technology-driven growth to be the safe and efficient transportation provider of choice within the shipping industry.

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Key Results

75 Tons

Co2 Reduction
Annual reduction in C02 emissions with a digital simulator


Decrease in Cost
Virtual training reduces the cost per person
with 75%

6 Months

Return on Investment
Cost of development of the digital simulator was returned in 6 months 
"We benefit significantly from savings in time, money, and carbon emissions. Knowledge retention has improved and our trainees are simply having more fun meanwhile learning in a safe environment, where it is OK to make mistakes."
Claus Nehmzow-1
Claus Nehmzow, Chief Innovation Officer.

Eastern Pacific Shipping

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