Virtual Training in the Energy Sector

Go virtual and bring your training programs up to speed

The energy sector is rapidly evolving; ensure that your training programs are prepared to meet these changes. Our virtual training platform allows you to refresh your certificates at any time — at home or on-site. This significantly reduces the time and money spent on training and contributes to a more sustainable learning path. 

Industry-wide issue

The energy sector is facing a paradigm shift towards renewables. With it comes a quickly evolving landscape of new technologies and possibilities. A highly trained workforce becomes a key differentiator in building a resilient and sustainable business model.

Instead of setting aside the costly first few units of a new product, you can now create a 3D virtual model or digital twin encompassing all standard operating procedures (SOPs) and correct safety procedures. This allows you to train your global workforce before the first unit leaves the manufacturing plant — all at a fraction of the cost of a single unit. 

Real wind turbine

Even certifiable training can be fun

We believe that learning can be fun. Our platform combines immersive virtual reality technology, gamification techniques, high-quality graphics, and advanced instructional design to create an engaging and collaborative system. 

While it may feel like fun and games compared to a classroom, trainees are actually learning skills and earning real certificates, all while building relationships with teammates.

Accessible training equipment with low cost

Virtual reality doesn’t require a massive investment. Stand-alone VR headsets are available for $300 in most consumer electronic stores, and setup is as easy as getting a new mobile phone.

Virtual training can also be accessed on tablets and PCs — no special equipment required. 


Siemens Virtual Reality

Sustainable Training is now available for you

Sustainability is a high priority for the renewable energy sector. Shouldn’t your training platform reflect your commitment to solving the climate challenge?

We can help you reduce:

Scope 1 emissions by reducing materials needed to produce training units.

Scope 2 emissions by no longer having to heat/cool/electrify your training centers.  

Scope 3 emissions by reducing training-related travel.
Based on our clients calculations

Virtual Training Key Results

Of moving from physical simulators to Kanda

Up to

Cost reduction in delivery of training

On ressources, classroom, flight tickets and material costs of running physical on-site simulators.


Increase in procedure familiarity 

Leading to reduced production time and less after-installation adjustments being required.

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