Why Virtual Training in the Energy Sector?

The future of training is digital

The energy sector is facing a paradigm shift towards renewables. With it comes a quickly evolving landscape of new technologies and possibilities. Business is booming particular in South East where Danish companies are taking lead in the transition. But how are we building up capacity and train the millions of people who will keep the industial world running in a more sustainable way? 


How to build up capacity?

Global climate changes impact almost every corner of the world. We know its ugly face by now  - not only from the headlines in the media. It's real. It's here. 

Massive research is being carried out to identify how we can handle the global climate challenge. We know now, that we need to employ an additional 26 million people in the renewable energy sector by 2030 if we are to limit global warming to 1,5 degrees.

Based on our clients calculations

Virtual Training Key Results

Of moving from physical simulators to Kanda

Up to

Cost reduction in delivery of training

On ressources, classroom, flight tickets and material costs of running physical on-site simulators.


Increase in procedure familiarity 

Leading to reduced production time and less after-installation adjustments being required.

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