Virtual Wind Turbines

Our solution enables training for the assembly of off-shore wind turbines - an area that SIEMENS Gamesa has grown to be the global leader in, since building the world's first wind power plant in 1991.

Crucial Safety Training

With improper use of the tools at hand, assembling a wind turbine can be extremely hazardous. Together with Siemens Gamesa, we worked to replicate the training for such a tool in virtual reality. Using the Turner Tool Training Simulator, several people can collaborate inside a virtual environment - using their hands and bodies in a practical hands-on exercise. The turner tool is a specialised piece of equipment used in the assembly of wind turbines, but it is expensive to rent and operate - as well as crucial to operate properly - making it a perfect case for virtual training.

A safe and cost-saving solution

Our solution not only primes professionals for proper use of the actual turner tool, but also moves the site of training to virtually anywhere. All that is needed is a little floor space, any number of trainees and some inexpensive hardware. Siemens Gamesa estimates that they can now replace 3 in 4 physical training sessions, with safe and portable VR training, making the training a strong example of effective digital transformation.

The ability for the workers to interact with their colleagues and get a sense of the real physical space is something that could never have been achieved without the use of virtual reality, and without close collaboration with our client.

About Siemens Gamesa

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy is one of the world's leading supplier of wind power.

With a singular focus on renewable energy sector, they have installed products and technology in more than 90 countries, and employ more than 23,000 professionals worldwide.

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VR is a very powerful tool for enhancing the retention rate. Particularly, the ability to cooperate and converse while in VR adds a whole other level. VR ensures that we can reduce the needed hands-on training by 70-80%, this is done by practicing processes and procedures in a safe virtual environment.
Kent Riise Neupart

Head of Site Training at Siemens Gamesa

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