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Today the certifications industry model is that you buy a certificate on a one-off basis, go through the training once, and hope the knowledge will stick.

With Kanda employees can access the standard courses required wherever they are and as often as they want.

The courses are easy to access, highly affordable, certified to industry standards, and have a flexible subscription model.


Certificates as a service

long road

The long and winding road to certification

Today the certification process in many industries is cumbersome and costly. After detailed planning, the trainee often needs to cope with long waiting lists for the approved training centers and then travel long distances to get to them.

Once arrived, knowledge is front-loaded over a few days, and if they are lucky, the trainees will get a chance to try an expensive physical replica before traveling back.

From a financial perspective, onsite training for certification is costly, including travel, accommodation, and salary for several days.

Subscribing to our virtual standard courses, you can train on-demand without even leaving the office, the ship, or the offshore platform. 

The digital shortcut to certification

What we have achieved with our Virtual Training Platform is a digitalization of the entire certification process.

We are disrupting the industry by creating a digital platform where people can access and refresh their knowledge and certificates on demand.

Subscribing to our standard courses on the Virtual Training Platform will help reduce costs, the time spent traveling, and the associated CO2 emissions.

train for competences

Training for competences

With a flexible and affordable subscription model for our VR courses, the trainees can take their time, learn at their own pace, and repeat the training as often as necessary.

Avoid front-loading of knowledge and focus on building and refreshing competencies efficiently and with long-lasting results.

Training can then be an integrated part of daily routines. Periods of downtime can be effectively utilized to practice procedures–just by putting on a headset and jumping into a VR training session.

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