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Meta Quest headsets for training

Virtual reality training no longer requires a massive investment. Stand-alone VR headsets are available in most consumer electronic stores, and setup is as easy as getting a new mobile phone.

We recommend Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro for our virtual training courses.

Choosing which one will be the perfect fit for you can take time and effort.

Quest 3
Quest Pro
Quest 2


 2064 x 2208 (4.5MP) per-eye, LCD (2x)
1800 × 1920 (3.5MP) per-eye, LCD (2x)
1,832 × 1,920 (3.5MP) per-eye, LCD (1x)
Refresh Rate
90Hz, 120Hz
72Hz, 90Hz
60Hz, 72Hz, 80Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz
Pancake non-Fresnel
Pancake non-Fresnel
Single element Fresnel
Field-of-view (claimed)
110ºH × 96ºV
106ºH × 96ºV
96ºH × 96ºV
 Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 
Snapdragon XR2+
Snapdragon XR2
128GB, 512GB
128GB, 256GB
Weight 512g
Battery Life
2–3 hours
1–2 hours
2–3 hours
Expression Tracking
Yes (eyes, face)
On-board cameras
Two RGB cameras and a depth sensor 
5x external, 5x internal
4x external
Pass-through view
Yes (Color)
Yes (color)
Yes (B&W)
List price
€549 (128GB), €699 (512GB)
€449 (128GB), €479 (256GB)


In our tests, some people might find one easier to use or more comfortable to wear. So, depending on your needs and expectations for VR training, we are here to help you decide and find the best equipment that suits you and your organization.

We don't sell hardware at Kanda, but it is always a good idea to talk to a specialist before purchasing. If you would like our assistance, free of charge, of course, book a call through the button below.

If you already know what headset you are going for, please find the links for Meta Store below.

Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 2

Meta Quest Pro