Problems with my boundary or tracking of controllers

Q1: Why would I need to clear the boundary cache on my Meta Quest headset?

A1: Clearing the boundary cache can resolve issues related to tracking, guardian system errors, or problems with recognizing your play area. It's a useful troubleshooting step if you experience any glitches in the virtual boundaries while using your Meta Quest headset.

Q2: How do I clear the boundary cache on my Meta Quest headset?

A2: Follow these steps:

1. Turn on your Meta Quest headset.
2. Navigate to the Home menu (You can do this by pressing the Oculus button on your right controller).
3. Go to "Settings."
4. Select "Physical Space."
5. Click on "Clear"
6. Confirm the action.
7. Recreate your play area. (Follow the on-screen instructions to redraw your guardian boundaries).

Q3: Will clearing the boundary cache delete my guardian settings or saved play area?

A3: Yes, clearing the boundary cache will reset your guardian settings. You'll need to recreate your play area after performing this action.

Q4: What if I'm still experiencing issues after clearing the boundary cache?

A4: If problems persist, you may want to try the following:

- Restart your headset: Turn off your Meta Quest headset and then turn it back on.
- Update firmware: Ensure that your headset's firmware and Oculus software are up to date.
- Check for obstructions: Make sure there are no obstacles or reflective surfaces interfering with the tracking sensors.
- Reinstall Oculus app: If issues persist, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the Oculus app on your connected device.

Q5: How often should I clear the boundary cache?

A5: There's generally no need to clear the boundary cache regularly. It's a troubleshooting step reserved for specific issues. If you're not encountering any problems with your guardian system, there's no need to perform this action routinely.

Q6: Does clearing the boundary cache affect my Kanda app?

A6: No, clearing the boundary cache specifically resets guardian settings and doesn't impact your installed Kanda app.

Please reach out to our Customer Success team if you still have problems.