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Lift User Course

Your easiest way to the top! 

With our digital simulator of a complete wind turbine tower, you can now learn how to assemble, inspect and navigate a lift without ever having to leave the solid ground your feet are on. 

Just put on a headset and enjoy the ride! With a year's subscription to our virtual Lift User course, you can refresh your knowledge and train procedures whenever you want, and as many times you need.


€179per year
per user, per course

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Explore the Lift User course

You can complete the Lift User course in our digital simulator in less than an hour!

Follow the yellow lines and you will first get properly dressed in the PPE locker roomIn the Workshop and Inspection Room, you will be introduced to all the GWO requirements for handling a lift in a safe and consistent manner, when navigating inside the Simulation Tower. Did you pass the certification run? Complete the course in the Evaluation Room and see if you have passed the assessment.

Go and explore the digital simulator below! 


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Get ready in the Briefing Room

Get ready in the Briefing Room

First, we ensure that you are familiar with all the general instructions and safety regulations needed to fulfill the Lift User course in the Briefing Room.


You can read and listen to an instructional voice-over. Currently in English, but we can add further language support by request.

Now you are all set and ready!

Get properly dressed in the Locker Room

Get properly dressed in the Locker Room

Before you enter the training session, we will introduce you to the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed to complete the course safely in the Locker Room.

Safety always comes first - also in our virtual reality courses.

Assemble a lift in the Workshop Room

Assemble a lift in the Workshop Room

Now you are ready to assemble a lift with all the components it consists of.

During the process, you will get familiar with all the tools and equipment you should know to be able to detect potential errors and conduct trouble shooting. 

Run the checklist in the Inspection Room

Run the checklist in the Inspection Room

Knowing all the components in the lift, you are now ready to handle the required inspections before operating the lift.

Run through the checklist on your own or with a colleague. Take your time and just repeat the procedures over and over again to avoid dangerous incidences. 

Now practice in the Simulation Tower

Now practice in the Simulation Tower

In the Simulation Tower you can choose to rehearse all the procedures and safety inspections you have learned a couple of times with a colleague before entering the Certification Run.

Here you are on your own and need to show that you can operate the lift in a safe manner and in line with the GWO standards.

Did you pass? Go to the Evaluation Room

Did you pass? Go to the Evaluation Room 

You will get the training session results in the Evaluation Room. On the dashboard, you can get an overview of the tasks you have completed and not. Did you pass?

If not, remember you can always access the training course and repeat the procedure as often as you like - it's all included in the subscription.



Customers say

Khusela Energies

"There was no hassle at all because the Kanda team supported us all the way. I have gained a lot of confidence in VR during the program.

It’s great because you get the, almost, physical touch - the graphics are really good and makes it very easy to familiarize yourself with the procedure. This is definitely an exciting upgrade to training."

Franz Ejskjaer
Franz Ejskjaer
Morten Olesen
Morten Olesen

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Lift User course approved by GWO?

Yes! Our Lift User course is approved by DNV as a certifiable digital simulator to the same level as a traditional physical set-up.
We collaborate with several Training Providers who will provide instructors to conduct the actual training in a digital setting and issue certificates to the trainees upon completion. 

The GWO Lift User VR experience is built in accordance with GWO Standards to ensure a training solution that is compliant with industry regulations and principles for efficient learning.  




How long is my Lift User certificate valid?

Once you have completed the Lift User certification, the certificate does not need to be refreshed. 

Please contact one of our training provider partners if you have more questions.

What are the GWO standards?

The Lift User course is certifiable to GWO standards. If you would like a detailed description of the learning process and GWO standards, you can click here.

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