Effective and Engaging Excersises

Hammel Neurocenter rehabilitates patients, but initially the patients’ routine excersises weren’t that engaging, and might even be painful to execute. In an effort to bring motivation and engagement into the process, Kanda paired up with Hammel Neurocenter to create VRiAT: Virtual Rehabilitation intensive Arm Training. The virtual rehabilitation not only gave patients a fun way to do their crucial excercises, but it also distracted them from the pain and proved to be very effective.

Everybody wants to try it, both young and old people. At first, people are a bit hesitant and don’t really know what it is. But we have only received positive feedback, and people think it’s a lot of fun.
— Jim Jensen, Hammel Neurocenter

Gamification at its Core

The project couples virtual reality with Microsoft Kinect, that detects body- and hand movement, so that we could leverage the entirety of the patients’ movement for the excersises. VRiAT is made with engagement in mind, and employs gamification and video game inspired design, for a captivating and stimulating experience.

The Client

Hammel Neurocenter is a neurological rehabilitation clinic for patients with brain injuries or similar neurological imparements, located in Hammel, Denmark.

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