VR for Training 

VR Environment in a Wind Turbine Showcasing the Training Possibilities.png

Virtual Reality (VR) is an efficient, agile and cost-effective method to train employees in complex, difficult and repetitive environments. VR is intuitive and immersive, replicating real-life situations and scenarios.

Our Process

It is important to note that we do not expect our customers to have a complete overview of the exact VR training that they would like. Therefore, we are interested in being a part of the initial thoughts on your challenges, and how you envision VR to optimize your training.

Establishing ideas in a brainstorming session, and exchanging thoughts, form the base for our team to produce a prototype of the desired product. A workable prototype can be made within a few weeks, which form a simple base for the continued work on your VR training.

After establishing a prototype, the communication can continue into expanding the complete training to encompass all wishes and necessities for a thorough and beneficial training tool. This process is done through mutual and continuous communication and tweaking of the environment in which the VR takes place.

A finished VR training product requires knowledge of the processes, specific points of interest and data for all components involved. Our consultants assist in coordinating the data needed, and gain understanding of sequences and focus areas. Our programmers and UX-designers work to recreate the environment and processes, in which the virtual environment mimics the physical components as much as possible.

We then look to establish the parameters for the full training session, expanding and limiting where needed to adjust and optimize as closely to the desired environment as possible. E.g. multi-player possibilities, stationary or larger play area, possibilities for data gathering etc.

After finishing a product, we will work with improving and implementing changes as experiences are added from the real world.

We work with all types of hardware and software and are not limited in this capacity. We utilize whatever provides the best solution for our customer.

How does this benefit you?

Our work with Siemens Gamesa on their windmill maintenance training, gave us an opportunity to create a very cost-effective, safe and agile training environment for their workers, drastically reducing costs, and enabling primary training prior to training in the actual windmill.

Working with Kanda was super easy. The atmosphere and dialog were great, and we shared the same way of critical thinking. They were very flexible and agile, and we cooperated really well.
— Kent Riise Neupart, Head of Site Training, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

The software was able to mimic the nacelle so realistically that it could also be used for objective assessment of employee performance. Workers were able to cooperate on solving tasks more efficiently when going to the physical windmill.

VR is a very powerful tool for enhancing the retention rate. Particularly, the ability to cooperate and converse while in VR adds a whole other level. VR ensures that we can reduce the needed hands-on training by up to 75%, this is done by practicing processes and procedures in a safe virtual environment.
— Kent Riise Neupart, Head of Site Training, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy