Remote-controlled VR for everyone

Video presented in virtual reality (360° video) helps elderly and dementia-patients remember and reminisce. But this age-group is rarely the most tech-savvy, and faces a barrier that others don’t, when using VR technology. We designed a way for health care professionals to aid VR-users, having them control multiple VR-devices, view the same videos in-sync, and even follow the users’ head-movements to see exactly what they are seeing.


A social experience

The nurse or caretaker uses a regular tablet or phone, connected to one or more headsets, worn by the patients. Thanks to Kanda’s VR Reminiscence Controller, the experience is shared between multiple people, and sparks conversations and social activity among the participants. The project was made in close collaboration with Khora Care, who employ experts in dementia and healthcare, and directed the videos. The technology is then made accessible by VR Reminiscence Controller, which powers the synchronous multiplayer experience.

The Client

Like all Danish municipalities, Rødovre Municipality offers assistance to elderly citizens, in their own home, or in public nursing homes. Their goals are not limited to keeping citizens physically active, but also mentally healthy and happy. Reminicense and recalling positive memories plays a large part in improving dementia-patients' quality of life.

Our partners on the project, Khora VR are a virtual- and augmented reality production house in Scandinavia, who aim to integrate people of all ages and walks of life into these emerging technologies.

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