Unrestricted training

Copenhagen Airport wanted to efficiently train employees to navigate the trafficked airfield, but access to the actual airfield is heavily restricted. The VR Driver Trainer allows employees to train driving in the airfield and earn their recertification in a simulated model of the airport in virtual reality, free of real-life hazards. This proof of concept explores the potential of using VR for driver training, and is based on a virtual driving system developed by Kanda.


Realistic simulation

Kanda's virtual driving system can simulate both the traffic patterns of cars, buses and planes, as well as snowy, rainy and sunny weather conditions. The system also allows for simulated communications with the radio tower, using AI-based voice-recognition. For further realism the user controls the virtual car with a physical steering wheel and car pedals. All of these features where used for CPH Airport's VR Driver Trainer, granting employees access to a true-to-scale digital twin of the actual airport, in virtual space.

The client

Copenhagen Airport (or CPH) is the main international airport in Denmark and the largest airport in Scandinavia. CPH Airport provides commute for about 30 million people each year. Their case was perfect for Kanda's virtual driving system, since it posed challenges like traffic and weather conditions, which are hard to plan and train for in the real world.

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Client announcement | “Airfield-driving is being trained with virtual reality” (CHP Airport) via [in Danish]