Our Visualization team is operating at the cutting edge of specialized filmmaking and camerawork. We utilize modern technology such as 360° video and 3D laser scanning in our quest to promote immersive storytelling.


360° Video
At the pinnacle of immersion, we find 360° video, also known as Cinematic VR. Explore every angle and change your point of view, be that at a rock concert, on a rollercoaster, under the sea, or wherever you desire. Become the camera, and feel the thrill of being there – from the comfort of your own home.
In order to properly capture the moments and ensure you will experience them as your own, we of course enlist the best equipment for the job. Our 360° camera of choice is the Z Cam S1. Once the actual filming is complete, we use Kolor Autopano for image-stitching and fine tuning. For the final touch and general post-production, Adobe Premiere is our go-to video editing tool.
Here at Kanda, we are with you every step of the way: From creating the storyboard through shooting the footage to editing the final product. We draw on our expertise acquired from our work with a wide range of varied cases, so you know your project is in capable hands.
Additionally, recent technological advancements have made it possible to broadcast a 360° video live stream. The applications for this include conferences, keynotes, concerts, sporting events, and anything else worth watching from several perspectives.

3D Laser Scanning
A different take on immersion is the next generation 3D platform Matterport. Basically, it is a 360° camera combined with a 3D laser scanner. The technology is ideal for anyone who benefits from the accurate mapping and 4K virtual tours of large indoor spaces. Once the camera has captured and rendered the desired area, you can easily upload it to the Matterport Cloud where an interactive 3D model is created and hosted. From here, you can share it with anyone and tell the most beautifully authentic story of your hotel, store, business, real estate, or any other building you wish to showcase.