Virtual Product Catalog

Hovmand - who make lifers for industrial use - have thousands of assembly combinations available to their customers. They used to transport showcase-models around by truck. Now they mostly just transport an iPad. The Hovmand Virtual Engineering AR-app helps sales and customers configure and visualise any and all possible products, in 3D or in augmented reality (AR). This allows Hovmand to demonstrate value, capabilities and true-to-scale solutions in AR, without the need for the physical product to be there. The lifters’ movements and functions can be controlled in the virtual simulation as well.


From Inquiry to Custom Quotation

The solution is not only a portable catalogue that allows for more than 40.000 combinations; it is also perfectly tied into the order process. The sales representative gathers customer data, and places orders on select lifters with her colleagues in internal sales. A custom quotation is then generated, based on the unique products, complete with 3D images of the assemblies. When products are introduced or changed, the system updates automatically, so the newest solutions are always available for showcasing - right there at the customers’ facilities.

The client

Hovmand is a world-leading manufacturer of lifters and lifting tools, and has globally supplied lifters to a wide range of companies and industries for many years. They offer customized, engineered solutions meeting special demands for a variety of purposes.

Hovmand was awarded the Danish SMV Digitalisation Price in 2019, for their transition into a more streamlined virtual sales process.

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