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Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy produce, service, and operate wind turbines both on- and offshore around the world.

Working with Kanda was super easy. The atmosphere and dialog were great, and we shared the same way of critical thinking. They were very flexible and agile, and we cooperated really well.
— Kent Riise Neupart, Head of Site Training, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

The challenge Siemens faced was in essence financial. Their pre-assembly training setup was very expensive to maintain and utilize. This consisted of a live nacelle and lots of rented equipment. Aside from the immense financial incentive to engage in VR, it also offers superior training methods, increased effectiveness, significantly improved retention rates, and it simply makes training a lot more fun.

We use VR as a training method to reduce the learning curve and accelerate the installation, when we startup new offshore projects. People are very impressed. The feedback sessions have been incredibly good, and everyone is extremely excited about the opportunities with VR.
— Kent Riise Neupart, Head of Site Training, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Virtual Reality was the perfect solution to what Siemens were looking for. Basically, the VR software offers both individual and collaborative training exercises, or, in gamification terms, singleplayer and multiplayer mode. This allows for more accurate replications of real-life maintenance missions outside or within a nacelle. The software is rendered to the point where it closely resembles the turbine and related environment the Siemens employees work in on a daily basis. An extensive and almost objective assessment of employee performance within the VR simulation is another benefit of the product.

VR is a very powerful tool for enhancing the retention rate. Particularly, the ability to cooperate and converse while in VR adds a whole other level. VR ensures that we can reduce the needed hands-on training by up to 75%, this is done by practicing processes and procedures in a safe virtual environment.
— Kent Riise Neupart, Head of Site Training, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

HTC Vive was chosen as the platform for the software as it offers life-like immersion and mobility possibilities.