Better applicants quicker 

On any given day, Salling Group typically has over a thousand job openings waiting to be filled. But without a good model for quickly determining the quality of applicants, recruiters used to simply start from the top of a huge pile of CVs. Every time. Together with Salling Group, we devised an engaging quiz for applicants to take, and processed the responses using a machine-learning AI. The AI sorts applicants from “most likely fit for the job” to “least likely” and allows Salling Groups recruiters to always approach the best applicants first – saving a massive amount of manual work. 


Recruiting requires advanced AI 

The solution is completely integrated into Salling Groups existing recruitment-system, and allows recruiters to not only to save time recruiting – but also ensures that they never overlook the good applicants, because of the sheer number of CVs they’d have to go through. The AI works by establishing a baseline from the most valued existing employees’ answers. It looks for consistencies and patterns that arises from the answers provided by other valued employees – as well as the answers themselves. Thus, there may be many ways to be a good applicant in Salling Profile Match.

The Client

Salling Group employs over 50.000 people globally. They are mostly known for running several chains of Scandinavian grocery stores (Bilka, Føtex, Netto and Salling), but also offers other services, web shops, coffee bars, restaurants, meal box services and more.

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