Quality Policy

ISO 9001:2015

UKAS AND ISO 9001 Certified

1.1 Purpose

The quality policy acts as a compass by providing the direction and framework for establishing key corporate level performance measures, as well as related objectives and targets. Top management ensures that our corporate policies are established and documented, and that the policies are available to all interested parties via our website.

1.2 Scope

The quality policy is communicated to all employees at all levels throughout our organization via regular internal communications and reinforcement during annual employee training and review sessions. Employee understanding of our policies and objectives is determined during internal audits and other methods deemed appropriate.

1.3 Quality Policy Statement

1.3.1 General

Our organization is committed to an operating philosophy based on openness in communication, integrity, and honesty in serving our customers, fairness and concern for our employees and responsibility to the communities within which we operate. Additionally, we are dedicated to creating a culture that supports and nurtures self- determination in how to structure one’s work.

1.3.2 Our People

Our organization is committed to equality in employment opportunity and rewards, embracing wholeheartedly the cultural diversity within the communities we call home.

Our employees’ welfare and interests are foremost throughout all aspects of our business and how we conduct our affairs. Our organization is committed to:

  1. Creating and nurturing an environment of success based on honesty and integrity;

  2. Equitable sharing in the success of the company;

  3. Empowerment through training and communication;

  4. Individual growth and equal opportunity;

  5. Designing and providing a safe and secure work environment.

Our organization recognizes its responsibilities with regard to ensuring the welfare of our employees and preventing accidents in its operations. All necessary steps are taken to ensure the health and safety of employees and contractors wherever they may be working. All accidents and near misses are investigated to prevent re-occurrence.

Competencies and the attitudes of individuals and teams will be developed to support safe and healthy working conditions, protecting the environment and preserving our organization’s assets.

The competency of contractors and sub-contractors will be confirmed through contractual requirements and monitored through audits and inspections. Client contractors’ competencies will be assessed upon arrival at Kanda ApS facility.

1.3.3 Our Customers

Our vision is to exceed customer expectations for quality, safety, sustainability, cost, delivery and value. An honest and respectful dialogue with our Customers is paramount and represent the highest priority within our business. Our obligation is to proactively seek out and help customers clarify their needs, while addressing all requests expeditiously without creating false expectations.

1.3.4 Our Community

Our organization is committed to supporting the communities within which we operate. We believe in the practice of social responsibility and encourage similar behavior in our employees and suppliers.

We support the conservation of the physical environment and the prevention of pollution at our facilities. We proactively comply with all applicable safety, environmental, legal and regulatory requirements to which we subscribe.

1.3.5 Our Quality

Beginning with a clear definition of customers’ expectations, we strive to consistently meet or exceed them. We adhere to all applicable standards and customer specific requirements and endeavour to provide processes that ensure we achieve this, in order to build a robust and world class business.

Our organization is committed to achieving competitive excellence and providing our customers with products and services designed, produced, and maintained to meet or exceed their expectations by:

  1. Complying with all customer, statutory and regulatory requirements;

  2. Enabling employees to achieve business and professional goals;

  3. Continually improving our processes via our QMS;

We will ensure that our quality management system and processes are effective through a comprehensive compliance monitoring program. The audits will consider facilities, systems, equipment, contractors and sub- contractors. All follow-up and action points will be tracked and rectified in a timely manner.

This compliance monitoring program will be supplemented through client inspections and reviews. Audit leaders will be formally trained. All internal audits will include participation by line departments.