VR for Learning (VR Detail)


VR Detail lets student design and plan stores in a virtual environment. The pilot application has two modes of planning, and it enables students to plan and move around the interior in a small-scale model of a store. The pilot focuses on the vegetable department with the option to place store shelves, refrigerated displays etc.


VR Detail highlights the unique value of virtual reality in education: after designing a floor layout, the students may jump into the model and place products on display in a 1:1 scale. Products such as fruit, vegetables and signs are chosen from a palette, which also allows the students to move and delete already placed objects. Designed floor plan layouts and planograms may be saved in the system to be continually worked on.


Collaborator announcement | “VR Detail announcement” (eVidenCenter) via linkedin.com [in Danish]


EUD Business is part of Aarhus Business College, and offer students vocational education for B2B, store management and E-commerce. Designing floor plan layouts as well as planograms about how to place products on display are a part of the curriculum.

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