Nordlux is a Danish company that produces indoor and outdoor lighting with emphasis on Scandinavian design.

Nordlux chose us because we know VR. Our collaboration went smoothly, and the addition of the designers at Bønnelycke Architects to the project really benefited the final look of the software.
— Jacob Junker Larsen, Head of Development at Kanda

The immediate goal for Nordlux was to ensure a high level of attraction for their booth at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair in October 2017. Since the fair is the world’s largest lighting conference, your setup needs to stand out significantly in order to win the scramble for attention. More specifically, Nordlux were looking for a way to optimize the use of their small 2x3 meter area in a way that could accurately showcase their products in the proper environment.

Everyone from both Nordlux and Bønnelycke Architects were very pleased with the final result. The main challenge was the lighting, but we wound up hitting the mark on that one, too.
— Jacob Junker Larsen, Head of Development at Kanda

When you need more space but none is left, the only option is to expand your reality into the virtual world. That is why VR was the perfect answer: You put on the headset and find yourself transported to a Scandinavian style New York City apartment. The apartment features accurate renditions of a wide range of Nordlux lamps both inside in many different rooms and outside on the terrace. Here, it is possible to hang the lamps in the right context to achieve the desired lighting effects. Everything in the apartment is made to scale, including the meticulously designed lamps.

Being able to see something in its entirety is exactly where VR shines. Especially in comparison to the alternative: The simple print-out of a picture. It lacks an entire dimension and the immersive capabilities of VR.
— Jacob Junker Larsen, Head of Development at Kanda

The Oculus Rift was selected as the software platform since it provides great immersion while being very simple to set up.

VR 1.png