A Solution to Multiple Problems

A digital twin of a physical space is a valuable asset, applicable in a wide range of scenarios. Using high fidelity 3D Matterport-scans, we have assisted multiple clients in visualising, measuring and showcasing physical spaces remotely. In maritime, a Matterport-scans can assist with overviews of rigs and ships needed for maintenance. In retail, a scan can be used to walk through a store e.g. when planning a redesign, evaluating a layout or similar.


A Feature-rich Preview

In learning and in specialised training (e.g. in energy), the scans enable you to preview remote spaces for training purposes - and so forth. A Matterport-scan is easily accessible through a web-browser, and lets the user walk a space and browse floorplans and 3D models of the space. The Matterport-scan is valuable for anyone who wants to understand the layout, measurements or details of a physical space, without the need to actually go there.

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