Interactive and portable 

When your product is an oil drilling rig, you’re not going to want to bring it to the customer meeting. But you’re going to want to bring something. Maersk Drilling needed a visualisation of their products, that went into minute detail and kept all product information ready at hand. Our solution was a specialised interactive virtual catalogue. By bringing the catalogue along, Maersk Drilling can let the product speak for itself, showcase all the relevant data next to their corresponding parts and have customers explore the rigs from every angle.


The perfect case for a digital twin 

Our Maersk Drilling Virtual Catalogue features every view and detail of Maersk’s rigs that a customer (and sales representative) could possibly want. The catalogue can highlight select parts, areas, interiors and even show controllable cross-sections of every product from every angle. And it all runs on a regular tablet or phone. Drilling rigs are not only massive objects – impossible to transport around – but they also contain intricate details and pieces of data, that would be lost in a physical model, making them a perfect business case for a portable digital twin.

The Client

Maersk Drilling offers fully integrated drilling services within global off-shore oil & gas exploration to partners all over the world. They pride themselves on their 45 years of experience within the field, and their hunger to continuously innovate.

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