MÆRSK Drilling


At Mærsk, Kanda took on one of Mærsk Drilling’s biggest challenges – to make customers truly understand the vast capabilities of Mærsk’s oil rigs. This should be done in a more immersive way than through a regular powerpoint and allow Mærsk to get closer to their customers.


Normally, Mærsk is not able to showcase their rigs due to various safety, cost and logistics issues. This was solved by making a virtual tour of one of Mærsk’s rigs. Virtual Reality allow Mærsk to transport their customers on the rig without them ever leaving the boardroom. The solution consits of a Virtual Reality tour of one of Mærsk's rigs. Furthermore, Kanda developed an Augmented Reality App which turns regular flat rig models into 3D models which customers can interact with. This adds to the customer experience as well and allow customers to get even closer to the rigs


The 360-experience was presented with the Samsung Gear VR goggles. The app was developed for iOS through Unity to be used on an iPad.

It’s long been a dream of mine, to step into a client’s office and instead of opening up a powerpoint presentation to try and explain what we do, to be able to take them on a tour and really show them what it is we do. Today, virtual reality has made that possible
— Ana Zambelli, Chief Commercial Officer at Mærsk Drilling