3d capture of Collcutt building of Lloyd's Register Foundation in London

Lloyd's Register Foundation is a charitable foundation from UK, helping to protect life and property through supporting engineering-related education, public engagement and the application of research in order to play an important role in meeting the challenges of today and the future. 

the Collcutt building at  71 Fenchurch Street London
3D capture of the inside of the Collcutt building in London


Should a disaster strike, as with the fires of Notre Dame or Shuri Castle, then through a matterport-scan of the Collcutt building we’ve helped make this beautiful historic palace accessible for generations to come, using digital reality scanning. Lloyd’s Register Foundation took possession of the building in December 1901 and has since maintained it as an essential heritage site. We digitized the building using high-fidelity 3D capture to help preserve the historical and cultural heritage of the Collcutt building.



Through a 3D Matterport scanning we’ve created a Digital Twin for Lloyd’s Register Foundation that let users to freely explore the palace through a web-browser. The Digital Twin helps Lloyd’s Register Foundation share and save intricate details about their fascinating story, which in turn provides valuable exposure and marketability. Simply put, through a digital twin, Lloyd’s Register Foundation has gained a new touchpoint for their sales team, while maintaining and saving the cultural and historical heritage.

full view 3d capture of the Collcutt building in london