Isobar are a Danish digital agency operating on the global stage. They are part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, and they specialize in media and communications services. 

The Danish travel agency Spies wanted to offer their customers a sneak peek at their next possible vacation destination. To this end, Spies approached Isobar who in turn recruited Kanda to assist on the project.

In cooperation with Isobar, Kanda created a 4D experience to accommodate Spies’ wishes, allowing their customers to “teleport” to a variety of preconfigured locations. Virtual Reality was combined with 3D sound and a scent system in order to maximize immersion. This sensory mix was carefully designed to help customers recall memories from previous vacations or even imagine new ones.
During production, Kanda collaborated with Isobar to create the actual VR software as well as the app controlling each individual VR experience. This app platform allows several customers to enjoy the VR vacation at the same time. Additionally, the platform controls the scents that accompany the images and sounds within the VR software.

Kanda’s own Virtual Reality Controller (VRC) was used as the central app that controlled the VR experience on multiple headsets. A separate scent system was then used to add relevant smells to the different locations.