Isobar: The scent of memories


Spies wanted to create an experience which would allow their customers to get as close as possible to their next possible holiday destination. 


This was done by creating a 4D experience allowing their customers to "teleport" to another location. Virtual Reality was combined with 3D sound and a scent system. The combination of the different elements was carefully designed to help customers recall memories from previous vacations or imagine new ones.

The solution was created for ISOBAR, where Kanda helped create the content as well as provide the platform from where the experience was facilitated from. The platform allows several customers to enjoy the experience at the same time. Furthermore, the platform controls the scents that goes along with the visuals and the sounds.


The technology used for facilitation, was Kanda's own Virtual Reality Controller (VRC) which allow a facilitator to control the Virtual Reality experience of multiple headsets. This was used alongside the scent system.