Hammel neurocenter

Hammel Neurocenter is a highly specialized regional neurorehabilitation hospital. It treats patients from the entire western part of Denmark who have sustained brain damage.

Everybody wants to try it, both young and old people. At first, people are a bit hesitant and don’t really know what it is. But we have only received positive feedback, and people think it’s a lot of fun.
— Jim Jensen, Hammel Neurocenter

In an effort to make rehabilitation more fun, engaging, and effective, Kanda paired up with Hammel Neurocenter to create the project called VRiAT - Virtual Rehabilitation intensive Arm Training.

Two Virtual Reality mini games were created for the VRiAT. The use of gamification allowed for the patients at Hammel Neurocenter to complete their routine exercises in a fun and stimulating environment while also distracting them from pain.

We combined Microsoft Kinect with the Oculus Rift in order to engineer to best experience possible for the patients.