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With our digital simulator of a crane, offshore platform, and transfer vessel, you can now learn how to attach components, signal the crane, and sling the load onto the offshore platform without leaving land. 

Just put on a headset and train! If you don't already have an instructor, find a qualified GWO training instructor here.

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Train for the dangerous situations with VR

With the digital GWO Slinger Signaller course, you can simulate dangerous situations that are otherwise impossible to gain familiarity with, in real-life training situations. 

Explore the Slinger Signaller course

Dive into various lifting components and test your knowledge by trying it out in VR. Learn how to signal the crane by training your hand signals physically or use the virtual radio for fast and easy communication. You'll get to test your skills in signaling the crane to lift the load from the transfer vessel to the platform on the offshore turbine.

See the highlights of the Slinger Signaller course below

Get properly dressed in the Locker Room

Before you enter the training session, we will introduce you to the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed to complete the course safely in the Locker Room.

Safety always comes first - also in our virtual reality courses.

Become familiar with the lifting equipment

Before you start lifting anything, you'll get introduced to the different kinds of material needed for the operations. 

During the process, you will get familiar with all the tools and equipment you should know to be able to detect potential errors and conduct trouble shooting. 

Try lifting different loads

Knowing what equipment to use and what not to use is critical in the lifting operation. 

Test all kinds of straps and chains on different loads and test the lifting on your own or with a colleague. Take your time and just repeat the procedures over and over again to avoid dangerous incidences. If you fail, the load will come down on you!

Understand how to signal the crane

On the transfer vessel you have both the option of using hand signals and a radio to signal the crane operator. 

Make sure you understand both ways of communication and practice your signalling before you step on to the transfer vessel to do the lifting procedure. 

Go do it offshore

When you are ready, you board the transfer vessel and signal the crane operator to lift the different loads from the vessel to the platform. 

And still, if you make mistakes, the load might come crashing down on you and your crew mates. 



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