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Getting Started

Where do I find the Virtual Training Platform?

By going to the Oculus Store, and scrolling to the buttom. There you will find your 'Featured Apps'. Your application and training content will be available to download here. 

How do I log in to my Kanda account?

On your computer, go the kanda Dashboard, click log on. 

Now enter the user email and password you have been provided to enter your account.

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How do I log in to a training course ?

When you open a Kanda application in your headset you will be ask to generate a quick code. 

This quick code you will need to enter into the Kanda dashboard. When you are logged in to your account, simply click 'input code' and you will be redirected to enter the 9-digit code from. your headset.


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How to set up my training area?

When you turn on you headset it will ask to set up a guardian. Follow these step to get set up correctly.

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The Virtual Training Platform

What is the Virtual Training Platform ?

The Kanda virtual training platform enables companies to create complex, real-time, collaborative training simulations on multiple devices.
These simulations incorporate hundreds of steps, thousands of interactive 3D models, and millions of configurations to effectively replicate the complexity of real-world scenarios.

Where do I find my training course?

When you have entered the classroom, go to the table in front of your company logo. On the desk you will see a "+" icon. Point to it with you right hand controller and click the trigger with your index finger. A new breakout session for training has been created above the desk. 

How do I change avatar?

As of now it is not possible. It is in the roadmap to make your avatar more customizable.

How do I upload a slideshow to the classroom? 

Files can be uploaded from an iPad. 
Create new room from an iPad and add the files that you need.

How many users can be in a room together?

Currently we support 15 people in a room a one time. 
It is possible to create multiple rooms if more than 20 people needs to undergo training at one time

Can multiple people train and interact at once?

Yes! It is possible to create multi-user simulations. This incentivises trainees and other users to learn, practice, and interact together in the same environment at the same time — from numerous places around the world.

What file formats do you support ?

Currently we support the following formats:

  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • MP4
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The Headset

Will virtual reality give me motion sickness?

For 99% of users, motion sickness can be prevented by using good hardware and sound VR design principles. We design all experiences to minimize discomfort

Can I use my glasses when using a VR headset?

Most people who wear glasses are able to use VR headsets, but it highly depends on the type of headsets being used, and the size of your glasses you normally wear.

Is VR safe for my eyes?

Yes. But as with all display devices we recommend taking breaks to relax your eyes.

Can I walk around while wearing VR?

Yes you can but it is not advised. We recommend that users move by teleporting in the simulation.

Can I use the headset outdoors ?

Yes and No. It is possible, but we do not in any way recommend using VR headsets outside. The cameras on the needs optimal lighting to operate optimally.  Direct sunlight can mess with the cameras, and in worst damage the screen and lenses inside the headset. 

Is VR headset waterproof ?

No. As with much technology water is never good. The headset can withstand sweat, but too much exposure to water will most likely damage the hardware. 

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Where is the data stored?

We store data with Microsoft Azure in the euopean region

Do you integrate with single sign-on?

Yes, Kanda supports SSO using OpenID Connect. At the moment we support SSO with Azure Active Directory and plan to integrate more SSO options in the future.

How do I get the data into our LMS?

We do custom integrations to learning management systems. There is no standard integration to LMS's so please reach out to get the specifics.

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