Energy is evolving.
With VR and AR, people of today can prepare for tomorrow.

Why VR and AR in the ENERGY sector?

There are many different use cases for both virtual reality and augmented reality within Renewables and Oil & Gas. The fact that a lot of the work is performed offshore, or in very remote locations, creates perfect conditions for using VR training as a safe and more easily accessible alternative to on-site training and AR for instructions and maintenance.


VR and AR fits perfectly in use cases, where heavy equipment and tough conditions require a skilled workforce and a high focus on safety. Besides training and maintenance, AR and machine learning can be utilised to understand and visualise data in new and surprising ways – and to unlock the potential of predictive maintenance.


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Leverage machine learning to make predictions, based on complicated data streams, and utilise your data to its full potential.

Increase safety

VR lets workers train hazardous tasks in a safe environment, and help them understand potential hazards in their workplace.

Rigorous inspections

Mixed reality helps front-line workers do checklists more effeciently, and leaves no spot uninspected.

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