DYKON vr heat map with manikin

DYKON A/S produces high-quality, natural duvets and pillows. They are based in Denmark, and are the leading manufacturer within their field across the Nordic countries.

DYKON natural white pillows and duvet
DYKON manikin in VR heat map


DYKON has built a high-tech laboratory for testing how different duvets and environmental settings would affect their actual human customers. In collaboration with DYKON, we developed a VR solution to visualize the data from a manikin using heat maps. This allows DYKON to combine 3D modelling with data in an intuitive and easy-to-use solution that draws in attention at conferences.



As an additional step in helping DYKON communicate what they had built to their customers, we adapted our VR software into an iPad application. With the DYKON Sleep Lab app, they now have a portable version of their lab to bring with them all around the world as a showcase for their vision, digitization strategy and use of technology.

DYKON VR manikin with heat map functions