DYKON A/S produce high-quality, natural down duvets and pillows. They are the leading manufacturer within their field across the Nordic countries, and they are based in Denmark.

DYKON are always looking to improve their products using the latest technology. To this end, DYKON has built a high-tech laboratory in which they are able to control the environment and measure the effect of a duvet on a thermal manikin. This allows for testing how a human would react to different duvets and environmental settings. The central challenge for DYKON proved to be visualizing the data provided by the manikin. 

In collaboration with DYKON, we developed a VR solution to visualize the data from the manikin using heat maps. This allows DYKON to get the most out of their data in an intuitive and easy-to-use solution.
As an additional step in helping DYKON communicate what they had built to their customers, we adapted our VR software into an iPad application. With this app, DYKON have a portable version of their lab to bring with them all around the world as a showcase for their vision and use of technology.

The VR visualizer as well as the iPad application were developed in Unity. In the Dykon Sleep Lab, a HTC Vive was used to power the VR visualizer.

Dykon app