Dykon wants to develop their products using the newest technology. To aid this process Dykon has built a high-tech laboratory where they are able to control the environment and measure the effect of a duvet on a thermal manikin. This allows them to test how a human would reacts to different duvets and environmental settings. Dykon had the challenge of visualising the data provided by the manikin. 


In collaboration with Dykon we developed a VR solution to visualise the data from the manikin using heat maps. This helps Dykon get the most out of their data in an intuitive and easy-to-use solution.

As an additional step in helping Dykon communicate, what they had build, to their customer, we took what we had created in VR and made an iPad application. With this application Dykon can have a portable version of their lab with them all around the world, using it to explain their vision and use of technology.

Dykon app


The VR visualizer as well as the iPad application was developed in Unity. In the Dykon Sleep Lab, a HTC Vive was used to power the VR visualizer.