Foreningsfællesskabet Ligeværd (the Union of Associations for Equality) is a Danish umbrella organization that works to improve educational, working, housing, and social conditions for people with special needs. The Union currently consists of six member organizations, each with a specific focus.

The aim was to open up the digital world to young people with special needs and make that world equally accessible regardless of personal limitations. Specifically, the project provided the target group with the tools necessary to support them in their interaction with the new digital services.

An app called Digisafe was created to teach the young people how to operate services such as NemID, e-Boks, and various social media. Gamification was employed as an integrated tool to motivate the target group to learn about the digital world by appealing to their interests and capabilities.

The Digisafe app was developed via Unity for iOS, Android, and web with the help and feedback from teachers and end-users.