A core capability here at Kanda is our focus on consulting. In short, we assist companies with their data maintenance, data governance, and project management needs. In the following, you can get a better sense of what we do and how our skills will prove valuable to your business in particular.


Our Consulting Division consists of data detectives, project managers, and data stewards. They are a diverse group of diligent and creative individuals who utilize initiative and adaptability on their mission to manage, and optimize your company’s data.

We primarily cater to clients who seek to streamline their data and expand their business, usually via online channels. Your specific needs and wishes determine our unique approach to the challenges you face. For that reason, our team employs a wide array of experts, which allows us to cover a multitude of diverse fields and specialties.

Data Detective Work
For all your data management, analysis, and communication needs, our expert data detectives are here to help. As data processing specialists, versatility is paramount since swift transition into new systems is crucial in this increasingly digitized world. For instance, we have extensive experience with software tools such as SAP and XML, among which DITA plays a prominent part. A standard case of data investigation contains the following steps: Discovery, analysis, assessment, comparison, and benchmarking. In addition, we always check for compliance with current legislation, regulations, and demands for data. This meticulous method guarantees that the data you receive from our consultants is completely correct and up-to-date.

Project Management
All our project managers are PRINCE2 certified. This ensures a consistently high quality, so you always know your project is in good hands. In essence, we formulate business cases for new projects, and we assist on directing and managing existing projects. More specifically, our focal points revolve around key disciplines such as project plans, status reports, market research, distribution and specification of tasks, team management and feedback, knowledge sharing, communication with stakeholders, and product descriptions.

Data Governance
Mapping data flow is a specialty of ours. We map it through various systems, which enables us to identify its inherent limitations and vulnerabilities. This process grants us the ability to define and optimize the most relevant systems for the specific data at hand in order to improve flow and minimize errors. The insight we gain from our analytical and communicative efforts allows us to document everything and teach our clients how to maintain their own data most effectively. Additionally, we conduct training seminars as a means to properly educate clients on data discovery and process improvement.

Visual representation of the data governance process.

Visual representation of the data governance process.