Data Analysis Consultancy 

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Data consultancy serves to ensure the basic foundation for digital advancement and transformation. As the digital age progresses, it has become evident that coherent and well-maintained data structure is integral to any advancement, especially when wanting to move into aspects of Industry 4.0.

Our Process

It is important to note that we do not expect our customers to have a complete overview of the exact cleanup and optimization of data flows that they would like. Therefore, we are interested in being a part of the initial thoughts on your challenges, and how you envision data flows and how to optimize your workplace and tasks.

The foundation can encompass many different types of optimization. They might be focused on sales, basic data, sprints for specific products/components or even adding new features to already existing data structures.

It is important for the data work to incorporate the employees who already navigate the systems. Not only are they important in understanding how the current system works, but it is integral that they are involved in the journey to optimize, as it creates an atmosphere that encourages positive change.

When the scoping has been established, our data consultants work with mapping the systems in use, communicating with departments to understand their workflow and habits and identifying possible challenges in the already existing structures. We work to optimize all the aforementioned parameters, but in a way that strengthens employees in their own work, while optimizing systems.

Our data consultants are used to working in many different databases, with different software, and are able to quickly identify possible challenges in delivering data. In addition to optimization, our data consultants are also able to map and deliver data for use in any of our apps, VR or AR solutions.

After finishing a delivery, we will work with improving and implementing changes as experiences are added from the real world.

How Does This Benefit You?

Our data clean-up and optimization work for Grundfos focuses on optimizing processes, aligning data, and delivering correct and usable data for wholesalers across the world. We were able to deliver data quickly and precisely with the assistance of the many departments.

The foundation for all intelligent solutions require a strong foundation of data. Kanda’s consultants delivered precise and agile solutions, considering both the time of the product teams and the customers.
— Jacob Naldal, Senior Global Product Line Manager, Grundfos

Structured work with a strong emphasis on communicative efforts was a key to aligning data in a progressive manner, forming a strong basis for the continued work with updating sales catalogues and websites for potential customers. Focusing on viable data maintenance solutions, we are able to not only clean up data and workflows, but also optimize on future deliveries.