Show, Don’t Tell

Cobham Satcom’s products are extremely technically detailed, while being very large and heavy. Their main challenge, when approaching us, was to allow clients to examine these products in detail, without the need for a physical product. In collaboration with customer experience agency Creuna, we were able to mitigate those issues through a user friendly app for tablet. Clients and sales can now browse Cobham Satcom’s entire catalogue, view detailed models in 3D, and even project them onto special tracker images in AR using the app.

The 3D and AR features in the app make it a thousand times easier to show rather than tell. That way the user experience becomes much more engaging and usable than a flat image.
— Daniel Breum, Marketing & Communications Director at Cobham SATCOM

A Lightweight Solution

Portability and accessibility were our main motivations for choosing a tablet solution. By using lightweight hardware, the entirety of Cobham Satcom’s catalogue can be viewed in detail while still being carried anywhere you can carry a tablet. The app also allows users to browse detailed information about all of Cobham Satcom’s products – this lets the solution function both as a visual showcasing medium, and a detailed technical catalogue, all in one.

The Client

Cobham Satcom designs and manufactures high performance satellite and radio communication terminals performing globally in challenging and remote environments and under challenging circumstances - on land, at sea, and in the air.

Our partner on the project, Creuna, is an ambitious Aarhus-based customer experience agency. They help B2B- and B2C clients alike to reach their customers, through consultancy and customer-centred solutions.

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