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Cobham SATCOM design and manufacture satellite and radio communication terminals specifically intended for operation under challenging circumstances on land, at sea, and in the air.

Kanda delivered everything on time. The quality was spot on, and the price was actually below budget, so we got great value for money. Overall, Kanda really exceeded our expectations, and we are eager to work with them again on version 2.0.
— Daniel Breum, Marketing & Communications Director at Cobham SATCOM

For Cobham SATCOM, the main challenges had to do with detail and size. Their products are extremely detailed from a technical perspective, and in addition, those products are very heavy and physically large. To mitigate those issues, Cobham SATCOM sought a solution that would allow their clients to properly examine any given product in an easily accessible, digital form before deciding on a purchase.

The 3D and AR features in the app make it a thousand times easier to show rather than tell. That way the user experience becomes much more engaging and usable than a flat image.
— Daniel Breum, Marketing & Communications Director at Cobham SATCOM

In collaboration with the customer experience agency Creuna, we created an app that allows a sales representative to easily showcase the numerous Cobham SATCOM products. The app both offers a 3D view of the entire catalog as well as the possibility to visualize every product in AR via a simple tracker image. That way the potential clients get to experience the full scope of whichever product that piques their interest.

AR is incredibly relevant for service and installation purposes, and for us it definitely adds a wow effect that expands on the default 3D view in the app.
— Daniel Breum, Marketing & Communications Director at Cobham SATCOM

An app with 3D and AR elements made the most sense as a tablet is portable and easy to use as a medium for showcasing the entire Cobham SATCOM catalog. The 3D view acts as the main feature, while the AR option functions as the impressive bonus feature.