Cobham Satcom designs and manufactures high performance satellite and radio communication terminals performing globally in challenging and remote environments and under challenging circumstances - on land, at sea, and in the air.

Cobham Satcom explorer 5075GX satellite receiver
“Kanda delivered everything on time. The quality was spot on, and the price was actually below budget, so we got great value for money. Overall, Kanda really exceeded our expectations, and we are eager to work with them again on version 2.0." Daniel Breum, Marketing & Communications Director at Cobham SATCOM
Cobham Satcom Explorer 5075GX satellite receiver in VR


EXPLORER VR is a digital twin that allows potential buyers to gain firsthand experience with the EXPLORER 5075GX antenna system in a virtual setting. The realistic desert environment helps contextualize the value of a global satellite connection.



Utilizing micro-learning, the application demonstrates the quick and intuitive setup of the antenna system, by letting the user assemble it in VR. Visual clues and descriptions are present to guide users, who within 5 - 10 minutes are able to learn the full assembly process. The project represents a great case of using virtual reality to closely simulate a training process in the field.

close-up of assembling Cobham Satcom Explorer 5075GX satellite receiver in VR