classroom of children and teacher in association to Børneliv first aid

Børneliv - or "Child's life" in English - is a non-profit organisation of pediatricians, doctors and students of medicine. Their main goal is to ensure children's health and well-being.

MANND is an Aarhus-based video production company, specialising in virtual reality 360º video, and similar formats.

man demonstrating Børneliv first aid practice on medical manikins
teachers performing first aid in prompted scenario in vr


It is crucial that teachers are able to perform first aid on children. That’s why the organisation Børneliv (or “Child’s life”) asked us to prompt the scenario using some virtual reality, micro-learning, and education. Using virtual reality 360º video - i.e. live-action video presented in virtual reality - we put the teachers inside reenactments of dramatic-but-realistic situations where children are suffering from ramp seizures, breathing difficulties and similar health issues. The project aims at preventing fatalities among children in schools.



The Børneliv First Aid segments increases the viewer’s sense of presence in the scene drastically, so that teachers get to go through a highly realistic experience, conveniently fitted inside a pair VR-glasses; eliminating the need for elaborate role-playing setups or forgettable power-points. The segments were produced with professional actors (Thure Lindhardt, Bodil Jørgensen & Birgitte Hjort Sørensen), and is a collaboration with production company MANND.

vr reenactment of realistic health emergency in children