Hands-on with Realfiction's holographic display

We just received a new and interesting piece of hardware; a Dreamoc HD3.2 from Realfiction. It is described as a Holographic 3D Display that displays an illusion of virtual content being placed in a physical space. If you are in doubt what is meant by a holographic display think of the scene from Star Wars where Princess Leia asks for help from Obi-Wan through a holographic message.


The Dreamoc HD3.2 is one of the small models from Realfiction and can be found throughout Danish stores like Bilka where they use these to advertise for Lotto and Pringles as examples.


Often a physical item is placed inside the display case allowing the holographic virtual content to 'interact' with the physical item creating stunningly good-looking effects.

When we received our hardware, it came in on a pallet. It was much bigger than we anticipated but it was also because we ordered an optional stand on which the casing could stand on top.


After unwrapping tons of plastic and cardboard it was time to assemble the hardware. The most difficult part of assembling it was actually the stand. Four sheets of flimsy metal plates were difficult to slot into each other and required a bit of brute-force to assemble properly.


The casing itself was fairly easy to assemble. It consists of a single metallic display case that required 3 triangular panes of glass to be slotted in. A pair of rubber gloves were provided making sure you didn't damage the glass while fiddling with it.

The final result is a slick looking holographic casing that looks pretty exquisite, especially with the lights turned off.


The content in the above images is the Dreamoc's demo examples. We will in the future try to implement our own content, testing out the limitations and possibilities with this new display. If you are interested in the technical aspects, you can search on the term "Pepper's Ghost Illusion" to read up on how it works. Here is a link to get you started.

Marc Leander Pilgaard
Senior Developer