AR for Overview and Learning 

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Augmented Reality (AR) provides a digital information layer unto the actual workspace, which assists in training and working with otherwise specialized products, giving workers much more autonomy in maintenance and learning scenarios.

Our Process

It is important to note that we do not expect our customers to have a complete overview of the exact AR application that they would like. Therefore, we are interested in being a part of the initial thoughts on your challenges, and how you envision AR to contribute to your overview and learning.

For learning and overview, it is important to have data available for the products in question. Our consultants work to establish the mapping of the object and align the data in such a way that the overview becomes accurate and easy to navigate.

After building the user interface and adding the data to the AR overview, we can test the system with workers in real situations, to see if the maintenance and overview reflect their work process and see where we are able to improve the application to create as intuitive an experience as possible.

AR for overview and learning is an easy way to assist employees in navigating systems or products where specialized knowledge might be necessary. Easy overview and meta data provides the worker to autonomously gain knowledge of products freeing up experienced resources for other areas.

After finishing a product, we will work with improving and implementing changes as experiences are added from the real world.

We work with all types of hardware and software and are not limited in this capacity. We utilize whatever provides the best solution for our customer.

How Does This Benefit You?

Our project for Dansk El-Tavle Forening gave us the opportunity to establish an AR application that utilized meta data loaded unto an electrical switchboard, which could be used to gain knowledge on steps needed for maintenance, and general knowledge of the components of the product.

An electric switchboard is an important installation that requires skill and training to operate. With the Kanda AR solution, we can reduce risks and time for the user, increasing effectiveness, add experience-based training and maintain high quality maintenance.
— René Kjemtrup, CEO, Dansk El-Tavle Forening

We found that this type of application was intuitive to use and have great benefit to workers who otherwise need specialized knowledge about certain products. Manuals and other documentation becomes redundant, as the application contains everything needed to understand the components of the electrical switchboard.