Virtualised inspection

Maintaining a safe work environment on offshore rigs, requires very thorough inspections on a daily basis. The AR application supports workers in finding and inspecting objects on the rig. Virtual markers visible through the Microsoft Hololens, pinpoints the objects to be inspected and may be expanded to show further information about the object and how to inspect it.

Intelligent use of technology can increase efficiency and safety on our rigs, e.g. when the HoloLens glasses assist the worker in remembering to check every inspection point. At the same time, every single task becomes less time-consuming, because we can completely eliminate the need for paperwork, and can instead mark a point as safe by blinking with the eye, quite literally. When we are at open sea and need to complete the same inspections over and over again, the glasses assist us in keeping focus, predict risks and react immediately. And this is just one specific use of a technology that seems very promising.” [translation]
— Marika Reis, Head of Innovation at Maersk Drilling

Effective hands-free documentation

In a hazardous environment it is key to continually document and report findings to maintain a full view on the operational status and plan maintenance accordingly. ARIA offers hands free documentation through pictures and speech-to-text features. This allows workers hands-free on the spot documentation, and cuts time consuming paper work away.

The client

Maersk Drilling offers fully integrated drilling services within global off-shore oil & gas exploration to partners all over the world. They pride themselves on their 45 years of experience within the field, and their hunger to continuously innovate.

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