AR and 3D for Sales Catalogue


AR and 3D interactive sales catalogues provide salespeople and customers with the opportunity to interact with products that might otherwise be inaccessible or physically difficult to handle. Visualization of products assist in seeing potential for a product, and gain knowledge of components and possibilities.

Our Process

It is important to note that we do not expect our customers to have a complete overview of the exact AR or 3D visualization that they would like. Therefore, we are interested in being a part of the initial thoughts on your challenges, and how you envision your sales catalogues to benefit you.

After establishing the fundamental functionalities of the visualization, our data consultant assist in mapping data processes, flows and identify any needs for optimization. We gather any data needed for production of the app, which can encompass CAD files, drawings, database data.

After aligning and gathering data, a working prototype is made to provide and idea of how the app will work, which allows for feedback and optimization towards the actual solution. We discuss the functionalities of the app to establish a platform that caters to the business goal of our customer.

When the ideas for the app are fully formed, we work with anchoring the available data to the app, and our designers work to improve the interface of the app, testing and improving the overall feel, accenting the products and the way in which they best present themselves.

After finishing a product, we will work with improving and implementing changes as experiences are added from the real world.

We work with all types of hardware and software and are not limited in this capacity. We utilize whatever provides the best solution for our customer.

How Does This Benefit You?

Our work with Cobham SATCOM and their products in a 3D sales catalogue provided salespeople with the ability to interact, assemble and view different types of products in an easy-to-use app for tablet or smartphone. The opportunity to visualize different solutions and gain knowledge of the products strengthens the salespeople in finding the best solution for their customers.

The 3D and AR features in the app make it a thousand times easier to show rather than tell. That way the user experience becomes much more engaging and usable than a flat image.
— Daniel Breum, Marketing & Communications Director at Cobham SATCOM

Products that are usually inaccessible for the salespeople become accessible making it easy to view and interact with many products without the need for physically transporting products to conventions, demos or sales meetings. Everything is available in the app. This results in savings on logistics for showcasing items. Empowering the salespeople in showcasing everything is another great advantage of Kanda’s AR/3D sales catalogue solution.