We want to make education and training engaging, easily accessible and fun.

We do this by developing immersive digital learning applications that enable collaborative teamwork across platforms.

Why is playfulness and collaboration important?

Humans are social animals and we often forget, that playing has been an integral part of learning, since our very first cultural memory. But a safe space is needed, for playfulness and curiosity to flourish.

We are leveraging virtual reality, realistic 3D models and a collaborative online platform, to create this safe space for corporate learning.

In 2011 the IT student Kristian Andreasen started tampering with the idea of using games for a more purposeful endeavour: learning.

Our first commercial  project was a game inspired by World of Warcraft to help kids with ADHD and Asperger syndrome learn math while collaborating with their classmates.

The project lead him to cut his hair and with WHO, traveled around world to help clients in need for innovative education.

With the first big client onboard, Kanda was able to move out of the CTO’s apartment into the first real office in 2015.

Virtual reality took off everywhere and Kanda jumped on the train and pushed the limits for immersive digital education and training.

Techstars joined in. With the counselling from investors and tech gurus the train was running faster than ever.

People joined, and by 2019 Kanda was the home of 20 Kandashians who everyday exceeded expectations and brought joy to the Kanda family.

2021 marks the start of a decade where the demand for virtual services will skyrocket.

The increased focus on sustainability, reduced traveling, and more online collaboration has created a massive challenge for businesses and industrial companies that rely heavily on high volume face-to-face trainings of their global clients and workforce.

We overcomes this challenge by coupling virtual reality software with familiar mobile devices to create a gamified and intuitive solution.

This solution is compelling, cost-effective, motivating, and most importantly, scalable.

Our Team

Kristian Emil Andreasen

Chief Executive Officer

+45 27 51 42 18


Joakim Old Jensen

Senior UX/UI Designer

Ronni Holst Nedergaard

Senior Developer

Line Bering

Art Director

Jacob Junker

Chief Technology Officer

+45 60 14 19 44


Astrid Lyhne

Data Consultant

Steffen Bech Balle

Software Developer

Morten Langelund Jakobsen

3D Artist

Germaine Rose

Project Manager

+45 30 96 23 94


Marc Leander Pilgaard

Senior Developer

Mads Bang Hoffensetz

Software Developer

Silke Agnethe Kähler

Junior 3D Artist

Morten Tvorup Olesen

Customer Success Specialist

+45 31 49 53 68


Rasmus Rohde Damvad

Senior Developer

Daniel Bang Rothmann

Senior AI Enginneer

Carie Ng

Branding and Marketing Intern

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